How much space do I need for our staff and facilities requirements?

It is recommended that you allow 10 square metres per person. In a more office based environment this figure is higher however going on the majority of today's fit outs this will include storage, utilities, some offices and a workstation environment.

» Space Calculator:

# of staff in work stations

# of staff in basic office

# of staff in executive offices

# of meeting rooms for 4 people only

# of boardrooms for 10 people only


breakout area


You will need an estimated space of: 0m2

How much does it cost for a fit out?

High 750 – 1000+ per sqm
Med 500 – 750 per sqm
Low 300 – 500 per sqm

How long does a commercial fit out take?

This can vary pending the size of the project. Generally speaking the project time line is decided by the furniture order. It is suggested that you allow 6 – 8 Weeks. If no furniture is involved then this can be reduced significantly.

Why should we engage Clockwork Projects?

Clockwork Projects have ample experience in Design and/or Project Management meaning that your fit out project will run like clockwork. Every project is equally important regardless of cost and size meaning that whether you are transforming 50 sqm or 5000 sqm our professional service is identical. Priding ourselves on our large client return rate our dedication and professionalism speaks for itself.

Does Clockwork Projects offer a guarantee on their works?

Yes we do – 12 months.

Does Clockwork Projects have relevant insurances in place?

Clockwork Projects has an OH&S (Occupational, Health & Safety) Policy in place since 2001 and is a member of the Master Builders Association of NSW. Clockwork Projects also has Public and Product liability insurance to 20 Million Dollars and Workers Compensation insurance. Prior to commencement of work on any building site, we ensure that all contractors have induction training, appropriate insurances and approved safe work methods statements.