All exceptional interior fit out projects are built because of great design, design that is individually tailored to meet your company image and requirements. Every company is different so understanding as much as we can about yours means that a tailor made design can be drafted to suit your specific needs. 

Clockwork Projects’ in-house interior design team ensures your office design brief will be met. If for any reason your brief can not be delivered due to lack of space or budget these will be discussed and resolved with you to ensure a best case alternative is met. Because Clockwork Projects’ design team works hand in hand with their project management and fitout teams they are aware of current contractor and material costs resulting in a design that reflects the delegated budget. Designing something that looks spectacular but costs more than is allocated only results in disappointment and increased time lines down the line. The key is to create an interior that looks great while maintaining affordability.

Typical Design Process;

  • Client Conultation
  • Establishment of Design Brief
  • Proposal Submission
  • Engagement
  • Measure of existing space and conversion to AutoCAD; OR, Existing AutoCAD files supplied
  • Space planning of floor layout to ascertain best fit
  • Option(s) submitted for comment
  • Drawings ammended and re-issued for review
  • Approval by Client to proceed on floor plan
  • Finishes of materials compiled and issued for review
  • Approval by Client to proceed with finishes
  • Development of floor plans into working construction drawings
  • Submission to Council or Private Certifying Authority for approval
  • Council or PCA approvals granted
  • Submission of final package to Client
  • Complete


  • Issued for tender
  • Fitout costs submitted to Client
  • Approvals by Client to proceed based on cost
  • Fitout begins
The benefit of an in-house design team is that should you require a design and build contract, project managers can go about costing your project while the design is being finalised resulting in cost reductions and a 25-40% reduction in time to your fitout project.  

Clockwork Projects looks forward to working with you to create an inspirational, motivating and more importantly individual interior that reflects your core business dealings and corporate image. For a no obligation consultation please contact Clockwork Projects to arrange a time for one of our consultants to come and discuss your up and coming design or design and build project.